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Turntide Case Study


Turntide Technologies is helping turn the tide on climate change with breakthrough technologies that accelerate electrification and sustainable operations for energy-intensive industries. They develop integrated systems that conserve energy in buildings and power commercial and industrial electric vehicles.

Why SANSA & NetSuite

Turntide Technologies, Inc., based in the US, expanded its presence in 2021 by acquiring 3 UK-based companies, which now collectively form the Turntide Transport business unit. Turntide Technologies employed NetSuite as their ERP system in the US, but the newly acquired entities operated on different systems and needed aligning with the group. To achieve this, they sought the services of a UK NetSuite Alliance Partner.

After a thorough vetting and selection process, SANSA emerged and was chosen. Given the intricacies of Turntide’s project, they believed a boutique agency with expertise with an agile approach would be the best fit. SANSA came with a proven track record and had the ability to shift to a support model using the same resources.

The Challenge

Three companies, migrating from different legacy systems, presented the team with three primary challenges;

Data quality – Each company operated on legacy data with different SKUs. To ensure a consistent approach to accounting and reporting, the naming conventions and underlying Accounting treatments all needed to be aligned, with the ‘item master’.

Business process – Migrating 3 separate companies from different legacy systems (Microsoft AX, Sage, and a bespoke system) into NetSuite following

Business process – Migrating 3 separate companies from different legacy systems (Microsoft AX, Sage, and a bespoke system) into NetSuite following simultaneous acquisitions meant processes needed to be established and harmonized.

Change management – The adoption curve, staffing, and velocity of work across all 3 businesses varies greatly. This therefore required a thoughtful, high-care posture toward both implementation priorities and managing change.

The Results

The three overlapping implementation cycles took 11 months to complete. And, as a function of partnering with SANSA, the Turntide Transport business unit now has consistent, reliable data allowing them to manage the business accurately and efficiently. They are empowered to make better, data-driven decisions, leverage streamlined processes and operate with strong controls. Additionally, Turntide’s global/corporate Finance team now has consistent, high-quality data for both consolidations and retention of auditable financials, which is critical for the VC-backed company to report to its investors. Since completing the implementation, SANSA has now shifted to provide reliable consultants for ongoing support services that address all levels of request through a structured ticketing process.

The software is the software, but the people make the business. SANSA took the time to understand our needs at every level.

– Vice President, Financial Systems – TurnTide Technologies

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