Habito are a unique online-based Mortgage and Property Management company. As a specialist team, they are fully equipped to provide everything home buyers need – whether it’s obtaining a mortgage, surveying and conveyancing, or any necessary legal work. Shane Messenger, is a finance business partner and has been with Habito for over two years. From his own experience, Shane really understood the tedious process that often goes hand-in-hand with purchasing a new home, and wanted to eliminate the stress and hassle that comes with it.

Why SANSA & NetSuite

Habito needed to reduce the amount of time their internal employees were spending on tasks such as accounting, payment methods, and their business with banks. As mortgage lenders, accuracy and efficiency was top priority, so they needed an accounting finance system that also had the ability to automate those often more tedious and time-consuming tasks. Habito chose Oracle NetSuite as a reputable ERP system, but also understood they would need professional NetSuite support to implement the system, and create the automation they really needed. Habito were familiar with SANSA through their network and chose to work with us through implementation and ongoing support, due to our reputable NetSuite Alliance Partnership.

The Challenge

Following NetSuite’s successful implementation, Habito found the customer service and support they received from the SANSA team to be invaluable and wanted to take the relationship to the next level. Since much of Habito’s manual work was very time consuming, they now needed help creating automation processes within NetSuite that would make things easier and increase efficiency.

The Results

SANSA was able to create an API system that automated the most time-consuming aspect of Habito’s payment process known as Stripe. What previously took a day and a half each month to complete, now takes just a few minutes each day. SANSA ensured a seamless NetSuite integration, and successfully provided all beginner training, beginner queries and building reports. Within a few months following the NetSuite installation, SANSA was providing additional support with new projects such as the AP automation, and even created an automation that ensured each bank fee was being pulled correctly and accurately. Habito has recently renewed their support contract with SANSA, and the SANSA team continues to implement solutions that allow them to continue to provide the best possible customer service for their clients.

Online mortgage brokerage, Habito, give people the tools, knowledge and expert support they need to help them buy and finance their homes, including mortgages for buyers or who are looking to re-mortgage. As well as surveying and conveyancing and specialist loans such as buy-to-let.

Shane Messanger
Finance Business Partner

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