Transport and Logistics

With SANSA’s expertise, NetSuite helps you streamline & optimize your supply chain operations.

Transport and Logistics

NetSuite empowers transportation and logistics companies to stay ahead in the face of the ever-evolving global environment

Technological progress and shifts in the purchasing and selling of goods are introducing a blend of challenges for transportation and logistics firms. With competitive global markets, the growing demand for faster deliveries, and supply chains that are becoming more digitally integrated, leveraging data-driven insights to cut costs and expedite deliveries has become essential.

In order to stay ahead, transportation and logistics companies require a robust ERP system, such as NetSuite, that empowers them to adapt and think ahead in the face of the ever-evolving global environment.

Inventory and supply chain management

With NetSuite’s dedicated supply chain management module, gain complete control over your inventory with all data and information about your orders, deliveries, sales, and more stored on a unified system.

Streamline your supply chain operations by automating key processes such as purchasing, receiving, and fulfilment, and manage inventory more efficiently with real-time visibility into inventory levels – allowing you to maintain optimal stock levels, reduce carrying costs, and ensure products are readily available when needed.

A fully integrated and scalable solution

Many transport and logistics organisations utilise best of breed, customer facing operational systems, allowing their customers to track orders, delivery information and financials.  SANSA has the capability to seamlessly integrate this system with Oracle NetSuite, this enables customers to have real time financial information and a global view of their business informing more effective and timely decision making.

Global Business Management

NetSuite accelerates global expansion for transportation and logistics companies. With the NetSuite OneWorld module, which seamlessly adapts to local currency, taxation, and compliance nuances. NetSuite will become your most powerful tool and single version of the truth when looking to gain a 360, consolidated view your organisation.

Better customer relationships

Through NetSuite, transport and logistics firms can generate a single view of a customer across all channels for complete visibility into all online activities, transactions, and engagements. These comprehensive customer profiles can be leveraged by sales and marketing teams to build more meaningful and personal engagements with customers.

Improved financial reporting

NetSuite’s accounting features enable businesses to monitor their income and costs within a central unified ledger, this enables automated reports empowering essential decision-makers to make informed choices enhancing logistics operations.

With the support of SANSA, NetSuite ERP helps transportation and logistics companies get their inventory to the right place at the right time and at the right cost. Our NetSuite experts can implement and support you wherever you are on your NetSuite journey, helping you to set up and optimise industry-specific modules that will help you grow with confidence.