NetSuite for Retail

In the highly competitive retail sector, customer expectations dictate change. Consumers want the flexibility to shop anytime, anywhere, and through any channel, without compromising on choice, convenience, or price. With the added pressure for retailers to also deliver more seamless and personalised online and in-store shopping experiences, retailers need a system that can evolve to meet the latest shopping trends whilst delivering exceptional customer experiences.

With Oracle NetSuite, retailers can bid farewell to the intricacies of traditional retail hardware and legacy systems and replace them with a single cloud-based platform. NetSuite provides retailers with an end-to-end solution, combining e-commerce, POS, and order management with back-office systems to provide them with a comprehensive, real-time view across their entire business and establish a single source of truth for customer, order, and inventory data. Used by renowned brands including Charlotte Tilbury and Gymshark, NetSuite has been instrumental in their growth.

Transform the In-Store Experience

NetSuite’s comprehensive Point of Sale (POS) system seamlessly integrates back-office and front-office operations, transforming the in-store experience with a unified omnichannel shopping system. Enjoy faster checkouts, integrated payment processing, secure transactions, and real-time visibility of inventory and customer orders across online and offline channels. Empower your sales team with inventory and customer information to engage customers more effectively, drive more sales, and provide exceptional shopping experiences.

Efficiently Manage Orders, Inventory and Suppliers

Efficiently manage orders by centralisising order management. Gain a single, real time view of inventory across channels and supply chains in real-time and easily add new channels, geographies, business models, and brands. Track transfers between subsidiaries or locations, and conduct periodic audits of inventory positions, enabling smooth management of purchasing, fulfillment, and returns from any location. Use the supplier portal to streamline vendor interactions, granting access to invoices and orders, as well as tracking purchase orders.


NetSuite makes it easy to deliver personalised and engaging experiences to your online customers across any device using the SuiteCommerce platform which supports e-commerce channels from a single platform. The platform offers multiple ways to connect e-commerce platforms with your operational business systems including payment platforms such as Stripe and Shopify, and third-party logistics and shipping software such as ShipStation which ensures a responsive and optimised webstore that manages real-time inventory data, displays availabilities and creates great user experiences that ultimately convert browsers into customers.

NetSuite facilitates a global web presence, with the ability to manage multiple web stores in one place, multiple language and currency options, and built-in customs documentation for shipping. It simplifies the management of promotions and marketing which can quickly and easily be extended to the web, incorporating features like discounts and cross-selling offers. The integration of a full-featured web store directly into your business eliminates manual order transfers, and streamlines inventory, shipping, and accounting processes.

Streamline Financials & Accounting

Obtain financial reports for any segment of the business at any time with real-time access to financial and operational performance. Enhance operational efficiency by automating transaction flow – reducing manual data entry and eliminating errors. Ensure you remain compliant with relevant accounting standards, establishing control and enabling audit trails.

NetSuite supports key accounting functions such as general ledger, accounts receivable, and accounts payable in real-time, providing drill-down capabilities for improved reporting from financial statements. It also facilitates integrated vendor payments, optimisation of procure-to-pay processes, and includes prebuilt tax compliance for processing sale transactions.

Create exceptional Customer Experiences

Customers are at the center of any retail business. NetSuite allows you to build a story of your customers generating a 360-degree view of your customers across all channels in a single application. With information such as purchase and interaction history, preferences, and demographics, you can be led by real-time data to create personalised engagements that target the right customer, at the right time, with the right product.

Support your customers from initial contact to purchase and beyond. With NetSuite, easily ensure customer issues and touchpoints are tracked fully through to completion with fully integrated case and support tracking.

Knowledge is Power – A single source of truth for all your key metrics

Retailers can manage their entire businesses with key metrics, displaying real-time analytics ranging from inventory and sales reports to expenses and marketing campaign ROI. All statistics can be viewed as key performance indicators (KPIs), graphical report snapshots, and trend graphs empowering you to make more informed and better decisions that drive business growth.

In order to attract customers and increase lifetime value in a competitive global, and ever more digital market, retailers must leverage the flexibility of a modern cloud-based ERP system, like NetSuite to future-proof businesses and remain competitive. Whether you are a multi-channel brand, or business model retailer that sells across multiple regions and countries, NetSuite allows you to scale faster and grow smarter, managing your whole business on a unified single cloud system, anywhere, anytime. With the added support and guidance of an award-winning NetSuite Alliance Partner like SANSA, you can truly unlock the powerful capabilities of NetSuite.