Real Estate and Property Management

Success in Real Estate, whether residential or commercial, requires addressing challenges like budget constraints, managing independent contractors, facing non-traditional market competition, and navigating market fluctuations. Real estate companies must utilise effective technology tools to streamline workflows and achieve their mission of making homeownership accessible to more people for success and growth. By leveraging the powerful capabilities of Oracle NetSuite, a fully customisable, cloud-based ERP system, equipped with tools and features that are designed specifically for Real Estate businesses, you can integrate your core company functions seamlessly to offer you a smooth and unified experience.

Grow seamlessly as your portfolio expands

Avoid any obstacles that may occur while expanding and venturing into new territories. NetSuite’s scalable ERP features allow you to manage your business across multiple entities and countries in one single solution. Adapt and accommodate to your changing business needs with automatic financial consolidation, increased document storage, and more!

Integrate and Customise

NetSuite can be easily integrated with multiple property management systems, removing the need for disparate systems that don’t talk to each other, promoting seamless communication, and enhancing the efficiency of daily tasks.

Financial Management & Comprehensive Reporting

Streamline financial processes with NetSuite’s integrated modules, gaining real-time insights into both financial and property performance through detailed reports that aid strategic planning. Automate financials such as rent invoicing, expense tracking, and financial reporting, reducing manual errors and saving time.

Efficient Project Management

Streamline project management from planning to completion with NetSuite. Track leases, and monitor timelines, budgets, and resource allocation on a centralised platform. Serving as an integrated ERP and CRM solution, NetSuite goes beyond simplifying transactions and operations for real estate companies. It aids in streamlining management tasks, optimising workflows, and enhancing real-time decision-making.

Build strong relationships

NetSuite CRM helps Real Estate firms form long-lasting, strong relationships with clients, by providing a comprehensive view of clients that centralises customer data, tracks interactions, and enhances communication, allowing you to deliver more personalised services.

Simplify Document Management

Access crucial documents, enhance collaboration, and ensure document security with NetSuite. By centralising document access and eliminating the need for multiple disconnected platforms, it not only saves you time but also facilitates better collaboration among your team. With version control, NetSuite helps prevent complications with transactions whilst giving you the peace of mind that you can maintain confidentiality and compliance with secure access controls and enhance accountability with audit trails.

SANSA’s NetSuite specialists have experience working with Real Estate firms, helping them to maximise the capabilities of Oracle NetSuite. Our team of experienced Consultants understand the industry, the technology, and what is needed to drive operational change. Contact us today.