Softcat is an IT Solutions & Services Provider based across theUK and Ireland. They offer bespoke, end-to-end technology solutions to help businesses to succeed. Their services range from IT Management, Security, Software Licensing, right the way through to Supply Chain Operations.

The Challenge

Softcat had made a decision to partake in a full ERP transformation project, which involved switching from Dynamics GP (Microsoft) to NetSuite.

During the transformation, Softcat had used their internal resources to cope with the project, but soon realised they would need more support services, project management and, most importantly, training service on how to navigate NetSuite.

Through their internal network, Softcat’s Senior Business Change Manager learned of SANSA Solutions. After a call with SANSA’s Managing Director, it was clear to Softcat that SANSA precisely understood their NetSuite needs and would be a great cultural fit. As Softcat was keen to be as proactive as possible with NetSuite before their Go Live date, they proceeded with the project with SANSA.

The Results

The team at Softcat was initially impressed with how SANSA’s extensive knowledge and experience in the NetSuite space, as well as how quickly they were able to identify problems within the system.

It was because of SANSA’s knowledge and ability to efficiently identify errors and pain points, that the training process with Softcat was expedited, allowing the team to focus their attention on other needs within NetSuite. SANSA was able to successfully assess and meet individual needs within the Softcat team, by producing personalised training material for all Softcat staff. This ensured SANSA could successfully deliver end-user training while simultaneously working around Softcat’s tedious system right up to their Go Live date.

SANSA was also able to build new bespoke searches and reports within NetSuite to keep Softcat more organised with their accounts and run more efficiently. Softcat are still proud users of NetSuite and continue to use SANSA for all personalised needs and ongoing support.

By introducing Softcat to NetSuite so effectively, SANSA has ensured the team can confidently navigate the NetSuite system in a way that keeps their business successfully moving forward.

After our first call with SANSA, we knew straight away they just got it and would be the perfect cultural fit.

Dave Simmons
Senior Business Change Manager

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