M7 Real Estate


M7 is a leading specialist in pan-European, regional, multi-tenanted commercial real estate. Part of the M7 Investment Group of companies, its mission is to be Europe’s most admired regional investment and asset management business. With over 220 employees across 15 geographies, M7 is known for its performance and people, delivering value to investors, with an inspiring and collegiate workplace.

Why SANSA & NetSuite

Over the last five years, M7 has grown exponentially. The company were seeking a corporate accounting finance system that really matched the needs of its business. The previous finance system was selected at a time when M7 was a far smaller company with less complex requirements. Oracle NetSuite was selected for both its functionality and competitive pricing. Integration and configuration of the system was essential for the system to meet M7’s precise needs. Oracle also recommended SANSA through their Alliance Partnership network.

The Challenge

The initial product workshops and demonstrations coincided with the start of the COVID-19 crisis, which meant the entire project was to be delivered virtually. As many businesses stopped discretionary spend, M7 saw this as an opportunity to invest in the future and continue with implementation.

Phase 1 of implementation was time-critical, and a 10-week project-plan was agreed ahead of new functionality and a global role out, in order to deliver core functionality to M7’s finance team.

The Results

M7 defined a better way of working by reviewing its entire end-to-end finance operations. Their desired process flows were then overlaid with Oracle NetSuite’s functionality to produce smarter, more efficient corporate accounting processes. Fully integrated APIs also allowed decisionmakers real-time information – a marked improvement on the previous platform. A global implementation of NetSuite is now live in six geographies with on-hand support services provided by SANSA.

We’re very pleased with Oracle NetSuite and the seamless implementation provided by SANSA. The internal team are advocates of the system and our new business processes will allow us to scale.

Jake Adams
Head of Business Technology & Change Management

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