NetSuite helps manufacturers manage every aspect of their operations in a single platform, whether dealing directly with customers or handling B2B transactions. It provides a unified view of customer interactions from purchase to delivery and returns, streamlining processes like estimating, quoting, product design, and Bill of Materials (BOM) management. It also simplifies financial management by centralising and automating tasks such as intercompany transactions, reconciliations, and reporting.


Optimise Supply Chain Operations

NetSuite optimises supply chain operations, ensuring timely delivery through a centralised platform. Gain greater visibility and control over the entire production lifecycle with seamless sharing of sales and marketing data, demand forecasts, production schedules, and inventory levels. For example, NetSuite’s distribution resource planning feature monitors stock levels and automates restocking alerts and reorders, ensuring accurate production planning and reducing overstock or stockouts.

Product Design and Bill of Materials Management

Centralise product design and Bill of Materials (BOM) management, handle engineering changes and facilitate collaboration with teams involved in product development. Create and manage detailed Bill of Materials for accurate support in production planning, procurement, and manufacturing. Utilise Product Data Management to manage specifications, drawings, revisions, and related documentation effectively, and take advantage of version control features and integration with CAD software for seamless data transfer.

Order Management

Real-Time Visibility Into Your Order Management Process

Gain real-time visibility into your order management process with detailed information on inventory, orders, trends, and conversion rates in just a few clicks. Integrate the NetSuite tablet app for real-time updates on progress and supply, and easily access detailed transaction information.


Financial Management

Efficiently manage finances across multiple entities, streamline reconciliations, and generate real-time reports for better visibility into financial operations. With customisable dashboards view key financial information, and automatically calculate sales taxes, finance charges, and discount terms. NetSuite also supports an unlimited number of general ledger accounts, sub-accounts, and segments making it a preferred ERP system for manufacturers.

E-Commerce Integration

NetSuite’s e-commerce solution for manufacturers fully integrates with B2B and B2C sales portals and carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS, providing a unified platform that streamlines order placement and increases customer engagement. Transfer orders automatically to back-office fulfilment processes, accept real-time payments from a variety of credit cards and international currencies, and pay with Google Checkout or PayPal checkout options. With customisable online storefronts, manufacturers can design user-friendly e-commerce websites with product configurator tools that allow them to offer customisable products to their customers.

Build a strong infrastructure that provides a foundation for long-term growth. With SANSA an award-winning NetSuite Alliance Partner, NetSuite’s comprehensive ERP system offers a unified solution to manage production efficiently, ensuring the correct products are available in the right quantities and locations to meet customer demand. Join top manufacturers switching to the cloud. Contact us today.