Healthcare and Life Sciences

NetSuite - Healthcare and Life Sciences

Thriving Amidst Change

Massive changes are sweeping the Health Sciences business landscape, dramatically impacting Healthcare and Life Sciences organisations. Faced with continual regulatory change, mounting pressure to control costs, and an increasingly complex competitive landscape, organisations must have a system in place, like NetSuite that is capable of quickly responding and adapting to change, streamlining operations, and enhancing patient care. Not to mention, a system that helps ensure they remain compliant – all without straining their financial resources!

Streamline Reporting and Automate Finances

NetSuite’s unified platform provides Healthcare and Life Sciences organisations and their decision-makers with a single source of truth. It ensures you meet stringent regulatory requirements, by supporting internal controls and providing accurate, real-time reporting with a complete set of audit trails. Easily report on personnel rostering, utilisation, and real time inventory position, and save time by automating your finances, meaning you can focus on investment in care and not back-office processes or systems.

Scalability Across Healthcare Settings

NetSuite’s ERP system is well-suited for Healthcare and Life Sciences entities with diverse sizes and requirements, catering to small clinics as well as large hospitals. Offering a scalable solution, it ensures comprehensive visibility across various locations and entities. This system facilitates the seamless consolidation of financial data across multiple entities and acquisitions, providing the flexibility to configure processes, workflows, and reports tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, it allows for easy adjustments in the future as requirements evolve. 

Improve Visibility and Transparency

NetSuite’s customisable dashboards provide real-time business data access for prompt decision-making across your organisation. NetSuite utilises cloud, social, and mobile technologies, ensuring everyone, from administrators to patients and specialists, has instant access to vital information on any device.  

Be Confident Managing Your Inventory

Effectively managing inventory is crucial for Healthcare and Life Sciences organisations, where sufficient supplies are essential for patient care. Inadequate inventory management can adversely affect staff morale and, more importantly, patient outcomes. NetSuite integrations and its inventory management features allow your business to accurately monitor stock levels throughout your organisation. Set up automated alerts for low inventory, efficiently handle orders, and ensure stock levels align with demand to optimise operational efficiency. 


Craft Exceptional Customer Experiences

Deliver better customer and partner service with NetSuite’s CRM solution, providing real-time, 360-degree view of your customers. NetSuite’s CRM capabilities include lead-tracking tools, sales pipeline management software, and analytics technologies. Securely store patient information in one unified CRM platform and create more personal experiences with patients. 

Take Control of Your Supply Chain

Achieve complete supply chain visibility, from procurement to order fulfilment, cut costs, and boost efficiency with NetSuite ERP. Offering robust tools, including vendor tracking, purchase order management, and inventory monitoring, NetSuite enables you to optimise your supply chain and take a proactive approach to identify and resolve potential supply chain vulnerabilities. 

While technology serves as a powerful catalyst, its true potential is realised when implemented by a NetSuite Alliance Partner such as SANSA. Our team of NetSuite specialists, have experience helping Healthcare and Life Sciences organisations like yours, are on hand guide you through your NetSuite implementation journey and unlock the full potential of NetSuite.