Beyond the Balance Sheets: NetSuite Empowers a Holistic Business Approach 

Right out of the box, NetSuite offers a cloud-based business management software suite that automates accounting, budgeting, financial reporting, project management—and everything in between. This industry-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) planning platform has everything it takes to consolidate your business activities into a single, cloud-based platform.

If you dig down a bit deeper, you’ll find that NetSuite also offers an array of “extended” capabilities that will run your end-to-end enterprise. Ready to get your international subsidiaries working from a single platform? NetSuite has you covered. Need a way to manage customer relationships, automate marketing campaigns, and track sales leads? NetSuite ERP offers a full-featured, integrated customer relationship management (CRM). Ready to use predictive analytics and forecasting to anticipate market trends and optimise resource allocation? NetSuite offers the tools you need to be able to do all of that and more.

As you can see, NetSuite empowers a holistic business approach that helps companies automate processes, enhance efficiency, and improve profitability. Here are some other ways the ERP goes “beyond the balance sheet” and streamlines business activities across the complete enterprise:

Unleash the power of CRM

NetSuite’s CRM helps companies manage interactions with current and potential customers, partners and suppliers all on a single platform. Integrated with NetSuite, the CRM offers Sales force Automation (SFA), customer service management, and marketing automation, plus the ability to manage quotes, commissions, sales forecasts, and partner relationships.

NetSuite CRM provides a seamless flow of information across the entire customer lifecycle—from the initial customer contact all the way through to opportunity, order, fulfillment, renewal, upsell, cross-sell and support. With a single view of a customer across all channels, you’ll have complete visibility into all online, in-store and phone transactions and interactions.

Already have a CRM? No problem. NetSuite seamlessly integrates with SalesForce and other leading CRM solutions, optimising your business workflows, syncing data, and boosting overall operational efficiency.

Get the analytics you need for better decision-making right at your fingertips

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics provides real-time Saved Searches, Reporting, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Dashboard and Workbook features that are built into NetSuite. SuiteAnalytics also offers a set of standard and customisable reports that can be created based on the business needs with the tools provided within the platform.

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics real-time dashboards gives you intelligence across all areas of your company—from accounting and sales, to fulfillment and support. The dashboards can be customised to drive maximum productivity and the actionable insight to meet your dynamic business’ changing needs.

Unify your global business with OneWorld

A complete global business management solution specifically designed for multinational corporations and organisations with complex, geographically-dispersed operations, OneWorld is currently used in more than 217 countries and dependent territories worldwide.

Integrated with NetSuite, the solution helps organisations manage multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities from a single ERP. It offers support for 27 languages and 190 currencies, which makes it easy for you to work with global customers and suppliers. It also provides country-specific configurations that help ensure compliance with local accounting, tax and regulatory requirements. When the entire organisation uses the same system, metrics and processes, people are more productive, your business runs more smoothly and performance improves.

Unleash project power with OpenAir

Cloud-based professional services automation (PSA) software, OpenAir was designed specifically for companies that deliver professional services. The solution goes beyond basic project management by offering a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline every aspect of the project lifecycle—from resource scheduling and time tracking to billing and client collaboration.

From budgeting and forecasting to staffing and billing, NetSuite OpenAir automates professional services firms’ processes throughout the entire project lifecycle. With OpenAir, you’ll gain real-time visibility and anytime, anywhere access to the information and tools you need to best serve customers and improve profitability on every project.

SuiteCommerce helps you optimise the omnichannel shopping experience

Designed for organisations of all sizes, SuiteCommerce lets you build, manage and optimise your online stores. It offers a comprehensive suite of functions and features that deliver a seamless, personalised shopping experience for customers—all while enabling more efficient e-commerce management for your company.

SuiteCommerce allows companies to launch and manage mobile-friendly ecommerce sites with user-friendly tools. Multi-channel, multi-location businesses can connect all transactions and visits by unifying SuiteCommerce with the SuiteCommerce InStore point-of-sale application. In return, you get the tools you need to be able to deliver better customer experiences on the front end and a seamless order flow on the back end, with all payment and customer information seamlessly flowing back into NetSuite.

Manage your warehouse and distribution centers with ease

NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) goes well beyond basic inventory tracking to help your company improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity across the entire warehousing and fulfillment process. Fully integrated with NetSuite, the WMS helps improve data capture and accuracy; provides high levels of inventory visibility; and helps you make better use of valuable warehouse space.

With intelligent pick-and-pack processes, handheld barcode scanning, cycle counting and integration with shipping systems, NetSuite WMS helps you run your warehouse more efficiently and minimise handling costs. The solution guides users through important tasks, from receiving and storing items to picking and shipping them, in the most efficient way. As items are processed in the warehouse, each transaction entered is automatically updated in the NetSuite inventory record and reported in real time.

Optimise your end-to-end supply chain

The modern supply chain isn’t getting any easier to manage, but NetSuite Supply Chain Management (SCM) helps companies alleviate these concerns with a solution that integrates directly with their ERPs. Oversee the flow of goods from suppliers through manufacturers and into your customers’ hands; keep production running smoothly by ensuring all materials are available and in the correct locations; and accurately schedule machinery and labor resources.

Once in place, NetSuite SCM will help improve profitability by decreasing the costs associated with planning and executing supply chain processes. You’ll also have better insights into goods and materials requirements and be able to effectively plan production and minimise inventory on hand. Finally, the solution uses predictive analytics to identify potential risks and scenario planning that supports good decision-making.

Take the stress out of workforce management

NetSuite Human Resources (aka, SuitePeople) takes the pain out of managing a growing workforce by streamlining the entire employee lifecycle. An experienced implementation partner like SANSA Solutions can have this valuable add-on application running for you quickly and seamlessly.

Available in the UK since 2021, SuitePeople is a comprehensive and integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) solution. The solution eliminates repetitive and manual processes by providing one source for employee data and helps human resources and payroll professionals to efficiently manage employees within NetSuite.