5 Reasons to Use a NetSuite Implementation Partner

Much like any business transformation initiative, the process of selecting, setting up, and flipping the switch on a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform comes with a fair share of challenges. These projects can be complex and expensive, and not without challenges such as the migration of legacy data, a lack of internal experience and relevant project management expertise, and the need to integrate the new ERP with existing, third-party systems.

“An ERP implementation can be complex since it has an impact on business processes across the entire organisation,” NetSuite points out. “Successful Change Management is critical to organisations achieving the real benefits of an ERP system, often organisations focus too heavily on technology and process and not heavily enough on the people aspects of ERP implementations. You must be successful in bringing all levels of the organisation with you on the implementation journey”.

ERP implementations consist of multiple phases, including discovery, planning, design, development, data migration, testing, deployment, support, and post-launch updates. “Each phase brings critical tasks, and all elements need to stay on track, which requires meticulous project management,” NetSuite cautions. “Additionally, successful ERP implementations require effective participation from all of the stakeholders that will be impacted by the new system, from transaction processing to board reporting.”

Knowing the requirements of a successful ERP implementation, NetSuite has a worldwide, certified partner program, of which SANSA Solutions is an Alliance Partner. According to NetSuite, Alliance Partners help organisations and their employees configure the ERP according to their unique business needs. Partners also provide strategic guidance and the very best technical skillsets for companies that adopt NetSuite.

Here are five more ways that certified NetSuite Partners add value to every ERP implementation that they’re involved in:

  1. Access a knowledgeable pool of business and technology experts. Implementation partners have the expertise and experience to help your company select the right ERP, configure it to meet your specific needs, and train your employees on how to use the system. NetSuite’s partners know the ERP’s intricate features and functionalities well, and can provide the training, expertise, support, and optimisation services that will help you leverage everything that your new ERP has to offer. “When you work with a NetSuite implementation partner, you gain instant access to expertise that will save you time and money during a complex period for your business. “Building this relationship from the get-go is essential to maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of your ERP,” BusinessMatters states.
  2. Excellent communications & stakeholder management throughout the project. Partnering with a team that’s compatible with your own will “vastly improve flow of information and communication throughout the project,” BusinessMatters says. “It’s important to have someone who knows what they’re doing and knows how to communicate efficiently and effectively, in a way that keeps everybody calm and informed.”
  3. Partners bring a vast number of their own resources to the table. NetSuite’s certified implementation partners have the resources and tools their customers need to be able to implement ERP systems efficiently and effectively. This can include (but isn’t limited to) data migration tools, integration tools, project management tools, and training materials. From their vantage points as implementation partners, companies like SANSA Solutions who bring with them a vast amount of knowledge and expertise with over 20 years’ experience successfully implementing NetSuite in a variety of industries, also provide an objective perspective on the ERP implementation process. With this “second set of eyes” overseeing your implementation, you’ll be able to avoid common pitfalls and ensure that the process is on track and within budget. “Your NetSuite implementation partner is the one who can bring rich expertise and experience to help you achieve your business goals,” states. “With their expertise, they can deliver tailored solutions and save you time and money. They can also help you to lead a robust business transformation to gain a competitive edge.”
  4. A true partner that understands your industry and your business. Enterprise resource planning systems are not “one size fits all” software solutions. For example, NetSuite offers a fast-track SuiteSuccess implementation model that was built on the best practices of many prior ERP implementations within specific industry verticals. This preconfigured option includes industry-specific best practices and workflows and was designed to help businesses of all sizes get up and running quickly on NetSuite—all without the need for extensive, costly customisations.
  5. Access to extensive post-implementation support. NetSuite’s implementation partners provide ongoing support to businesses after the software system is up and running. These post-go-live services may include help with training, upgrades and troubleshooting. “Even after your new system is up and running, the benefits do not stop there,” BusinessMatters states. In fact, NetSuite implementation partners like SANSA Solutions possess the resources and understanding of the ERP platform to continue supporting and nurturing your installation throughout its entire life cycle. “A good NetSuite partner should provide proactive and flexible support solutions, with an understanding that they are supporting a growing, changing organisation” the publication adds.

The Power of a Strong Partnership

NetSuite is a powerful ERP system, but it can also be complex to configure. A NetSuite implementation partner like SANSA Solutions will help ensure that the ERP is set up in a way that works best for your business. Then, we’ll work with you to optimise your technology investment over time, ensuring that you get the absolute best return on that investment.

As you work through the ERP and implementation partner selection process, be sure to look for one that has a proven track record of successful implementations in your industry and with companies of a similar size. Choose a partner that focusses on the value of a long term relationship and to build trust with your company and it’s people., equipped with the necessary project governance for efficient and effective project delivery. Choose a partner who provides comprehensive consulting support that will leverage your NetSuite investment today and well into the future. Choose SANSA.

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